Reading Order

Although it isn't necessary to read these books in any particular order, some readers prefer to do so. The guide to the left shows the years in which each of the stories is set. However, if you prefer following the arcs of certain characters, here are some options:

To start at the beginning, read about Emma Fitzsimmons, Thomas and Christiana Wellingham, Gregory Grandby, Todd Vandermeer, Deborah White, and James and Sophia Simpson in:

Emma and Thomas are featured again in The Desire of a Lady and Emma is an inspiration for one of the characters in The Gossip of an Earl, where Gregory also makes an appearance. The Wellinghams and Grandbys are also featured in The Desire of a Lady, The Puzzle of a Bastard, and The Choice of a Cavalier, and the Simpsons make appearances in The Conundrum of a Clerk and The Angel of an Astronomer.

To follow the stories of three best friends, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Hannah, on their way to their happily-ever-afters:

The hero from The Kiss of a Viscount, George Bennett-Jones, Viscount Bostwick, and/or his bride make appearances in several more books, including:

First introduced in The Kiss of a Viscount, the story of Gabriel Wellingham, Earl of Trenton, and his family continues in:

First featured in The Seduction of an Earl, William, Marquess of Devonille, and his family are featured again in:

First referenced in The Promise of a Gentleman, Lady Samantha (Fitzsimmons) is featured in:

The stories of Caroline Harrington Fitzsimmons and her husband, Matthew Fitzsimmons, Viscount Chamberlain, first referenced in The Promise of a Gentleman, are included in:

Lady Evangeline and her brother, Harold Tennison, Earl of Everly, were first introduced in The Widowed Countess. Their stories continue in:

Twin brothers David and Daniel Fitzwilliam and Clarinda, Countess of Norwick, are featured in:

James (Burroughs), Duke of Arily, and his family are featured in:

And finally, Milton Grandby, Earl of Torrington, is mentioned in almost all the books (he first appears at the very end of The Promise of a Gentleman), but his life with Adele Slater Worthington is chronicled in: