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The Brothers of the Aristocracy

Three RONÉ Award nominees feature in this boxed set of Regency romances

At thirty-five, Randall Roderick, Marquess of Reading, decides it's time to trade in his life as the 'Rake of Reading' for the life of a married man. Trouble is, his reputation precedes him. When Constance meets him in the park, she's intrigued by the gentleman she thinks is a well-to-do cit with a fascination for horse racing. Determined to discover what's become of her inheritance and then return to her home and horses to live as an independent woman, she's not interested in being courted. Or is she? It may take a bit of horse sense for these two to get on the right track in The Love of a Rake. "A unique style to the storytelling make this a historical romance that stands out from the rest." - The Romance Reviews

After eight years in the British Navy, Will Slater returns to London to resume his life as the son of a marquess. He's determined to discover what's become of his love, Lady Barbara. An earl's daughter, she has disappeared from London. Will's bastard brother, Stephen, served with him and is ready to attend every ball and soirée necessary to earn acceptance in the ton. A dead ringer for his brother, he finds it easier than he should to navigate the choppy waters of aristocratic Society. And why wouldn't he? All the ladies think he's Will, especially after Will requests that they trade places and then leaves to search for Barbara! As Stephen dazzles the debutantes with his easy manners, good humor and demonstrations of delectable kissing—all in his brother's name—how will he explain himself when one of those young ladies turns out to be one he wants? When brothers trade places, one is bound to fall in love in the name of the other in The Caress of a Commander.

When a duke goes missing while searching for a Greek artifact, explorer Harold Tennison is on the hunt to find him. On his last visit to the Cyclades, Lady Estelle, the duke's daughter, left him so discombobulated, he could barely speak. Treasure hunters, pirates, and a reminder of his past have Harry learning far more about mythology, antiquities, and Greek goddesses than he expected. Will he end up with his very own Aphrodite in The Epiphany of an Explorer?