"The Holidays of the Aristocracy" Book 1

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ebook ISBN: 978-1-946271-06-8

The Christmas of a Countess

A sensual tale of a couple's first holiday away from home

Spending Christmas in a remote hunting lodge with a warm, cozy fire is exactly what Milton, Earl of Torrington, and his new bride, Adele, need. With “The Year of No Summer” coming to a close, they’ve earned a brief respite from London’s distractions so they can relax and finally get a start on producing the heir Milton needs. But when the coach carrying their trunks—and servants—doesn’t reach its destination, Milton and Adele are left to fend for themselves. They soon realize there is such a thing as too much togetherness. And what they learn about each other’s pasts threatens to ruin the holiday…and their future together.

Meanwhile, Milton and Adele’s servants, Alice and Alonyius, have their own problems. Stranded on their way to the lodge due to impassible snow drifts and frigid temperatures, they’re stuck sharing a coaching inn. Alice is none too pleased to spend time with Alonyius, but her disdain just seems to further ignite the infuriatingly tempting man’s desire to thaw her chilly disposition.

While the weather rages around them, can two budding romances survive the deep freeze… or will this holiday be their undoing?


As a story set around the end of the year, with all its holidays and our holiday associations, Linda has performed wonderfully well. She manages to capture the essence of Christmas and knows how to recreate those feelings we identify with that time of the year. A tale with exciting descriptions and mature characters and emotions and feelings. Linda's wonderful descriptive language creates that snow-covered world we're all longing for this time of the year - and the romance we're longing for too. (Vanne's Blog at https://booktastic.nl/)