The Sons of the Aristocracy Book 3

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My Fair Groom

If people only see what they expect to see... then why doesn’t she?

When her friend Lady Samantha spies a rather handsome groom from Lady Julia’s second story bedchamber window, Julia agrees the man is far too handsome to be a groom. “He could be a gentleman,” she tells Sam, thinking the servant could be taught how to bow and dance and dress like a gentleman. Doubting her friend can accomplish such a task, Samantha dares Julia to do just that – and in time for the Mayfield ball in just three weeks!

Alistair Comber, the second son of the Earl of Aimsley, was fighting Napoleon's forces on the Continent until his cover was blown. Having assured one of his dying soldiers he would see to the man’s widow and children, Alistair returns to England intending to keep the promise. But when his father refuses to honor the obligation, Alistair is forced to sell his commission to raise the funds. Angered that his son would do such a thing, the earl disowns Alistair. Needing employment and a place to live, Alistair uses his knowledge of horses to gain a position as a groom at Harrington House.

When Lady Julia tells him of her plans to make him into a gentleman in time for her mother's ball, Alistair agrees to the scheme. After all, how hard can it be when he’s already a gentleman? How hard, indeed!

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